Speed = Distance / Time…

Sonia FrojenAll, Bravo Team, Youth Programs

…or another way to put it, plan to row unless you have wind.  Then go sailing, unless it’s on your nose.  Always look at the current guides to literally, go with the flow. Journey Planning for our early May Bravo … Read More

Volunteer Highlight: KrisAnne Meyer

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Whether it’s climbing volcanoes in Mexico City or building a school for orphans with AIDS in Tanzania, there are two core themes that are important to NWMC volunteer KrisAnne Meyer: adventure and volunteerism. Originally from Bayfield Wisconsin, KrisAnne grew up … Read More

Be Here Now

Sonia FrojenAll, Bravo Team, Youth Programs

Bravo Team is coming to the last 6 weeks of the school year and we’re melding into a team that takes care of one another.  Ship’s Articles is a social contract constructed in a democratic way.  We looked up the … Read More

Gybing and Tacking

Sonia FrojenAll, Bravo Team, Youth Programs

Bravo Team had incredible weather today.  Sailing was the goal after we decided on an environmental project activity.  Stay tuned for more info about the project that we hope will take place locally in the next month. After welcoming a … Read More

Bravo Team is Sailing Again!

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It is starting to feel like spring and we were happy to get out in the breeze. The team got to learn and refresh sailing skills as we sailed down the bay to Boathaven and back. Which meant we only … Read More

A Little Help From Our Friends

Sonia FrojenAll, Bravo Team, Youth Programs

Bravo Team was called in today to lend a hand to help launch Longboat Bear.  We launched Townshend a few weeks back (blog post: https://nwmaritime.org/bravo-team/floating-our-boat/) after putting lots of energy into her maintenance in the boatshop.  Bear is very similar to Townshend … Read More