Rowing, Sailing and Singing

Nancy IsraelAll, Bravo Team, Youth Programs

Light north wind, sunshine, flood current and tide rips made for a good longboat adventure today. After settling on a date for our Beach Clean up and picking our sweatshirt color for this year, we headed out on the water. … Read More

Planning Day

Chrissy McLeanAll, Bravo Team, Uncategorized, Youth Programs

It was a windy day in Port Townsend Bay and Bravo Team was held ashore. Our COI (Certificate of Inspection) states that we aren’t able to head out in over 18 knots of wind or when a Small Craft Advisory … Read More

What Are Your Echos?

Chrissy McLeanAll, Bravo Team, Youth Programs

Sunny winter weather continued this week, so Bravo team was out on the water again. We are working towards a 5 day journey this spring and each week we build our skills for that voyage. The wind was perfect today … Read More

Good Day Sunshine

Chrissy McLeanAll, Bravo Team, Uncategorized, Youth Programs

It was sunny, the wind was light, and we had just launched our freshly painted and oiled boat Townshend– what could be better than heading out for an afternoon on the water? We started our day practicing the cleat hitch … Read More

Splash and Haul

Sonia FrojenAll, Bravo Team, Youth Programs

Bravo Team has been waiting for this day for over a month.  After spending four weeks working on Townshend in the NWMC boatshop, today we were able to splash her back into the water.  We also took advantage of the rowers … Read More

Fun in the Boatshop

Nancy IsraelAll, Boatshop, Bravo Team, Youth Programs

This was our third week working in the boatshop on Townshend maintenance. We worked hard even with a smaller crew this week. One of the students had a broken wrist and was still able to get a lot done! Rolling … Read More

Longboat Love

Nancy IsraelAll, Bravo Team, Youth Programs

Longboat love means taking care of the longboat so she will take care of us! When we relaunch her in February, we will be able to take pride in our work and know she has been well maintained for another … Read More

Maintenance Season

Chrissy McLeanAll, Boatshop, Bravo Team, Youth Programs

Our trusty longboat Townshend came out of the water this week for her annual maintenance. We had mixed feelings about it- we all missed being on the water, but were excited to care for our boat. After reviewing shop safety … Read More