Youth Maritime Programs

During COVID-19: Registration is open for classes starting in May. Decisions about future programs are being evaluated on a monthly basis and we will be keeping our web registration accurate.

Our Goal

Our work with youth is at the center of our mission—to create powerful maritime experiences that educate and inspire people to adventure. We are teaching a whole new generation of sailors to appreciate our maritime heritage and preserve our traditions, while inspiring kids to discover their own adventures.

Summer Programs

Kids can experience maritime life in many ways, from rowboats and sailboats to boatbuilding and much more. We have a series of popular week-long sailing day camps for kids ages 5 to 17. Summer camps are divided into two programs—Messing About in Boats, for 5 to 10 year-olds, and Learn to Sail for 8 to 17 year-olds.

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School & Group Programs

We offer a variety of on-the-water, classroom, and boatshop programs for school groups. Schools can pick from several options and design a program that works for them.

To create and schedule a program, contact School Program Manager Nancy Israel at 360.385.3628 x109 or

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School & Group Programs

The Northwest Maritime Center offers a variety of on-the-water, classroom, and boatshop programs for school groups. Schools can pick from several options and design a program that works for them.

To create and schedule a program contact School Program Manager Nancy Israel. Call 360.385.3628 x109 or email

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Year-Round Open-Enrollment Programs

Girls’ Boat Project

For girls age 11-14 (6th to 8th grade)
In the Girls’ Boat Project, middle school girls gain skills and have fun in the maritime trades, both on and off the water. They learn woodworking and boat building techniques while taking advantage of nice weather days to sail and row on the water. The program culminates with a one-day sailing adventure. The program is led by female role models from the Northwest Maritime Center staff who are skilled in boat building, woodworking, and sailing. Learn more about the Girls’ Project at our blog.

Girls’ Boat Project meets on Wednesdays from 1:30 to 4:30 PM, October through May, with breaks for school holidays.

Contact Chrissy McLean at or 360.385.3628 x113 if interested!

Marine Explorers

For 4th-8th graders
Salish Sea Expeditions’ Marine Explorers is a boat-based science and sail expedition program that engages students in oceanographic research, nautical science, and seamanship aboard the 61-foot sailing research vessel, Carlyn.

While on-board, students will conduct marine science research under the careful guidance of the Salish crew. The students will collect, analyze and communicate the findings of their research, and split their day learning to navigate and sail the 61-foot sailing vessel.

To learn more and register, visit the Salish Sea Expeditions website here.

Sea Scouts

For youth ages 13-21
Sea Scouts is a year-round co-ed Boy Scouts of America program. For over 100 years Sea Scouting has promoted better citizenship and improved members’ nautical skills through instruction and practice in water safety, boating skills, outdoor, social, service experiences, and knowledge of our maritime heritage. Sea Scouts can advance through a number of ranks culminating in the Quartermaster rank, which is equivalent to Eagle Scout. Youth learn nautical and leadership skills, and put those skills into practice as they plan and execute cruises and projects.

Contact Skipper Ron Lynn at or 559.308.0772.

High School Sailing Team

For Port Townsend School District high school students
The Port Townsend High School Sailing team is an extremely successful and positive program which has sent some of our local sailors to district and national competitions. They sail in the spring, on Vanguard15s, FJs and Lasers. Their motto is, “Sail Fast and Have Fun!” Many team members become sailing instructors in our summer youth camps.

Contact Robin Mills at or 360.385.3628 x103.

“I like being trusted, bonding with our team, and having to work a little bit. We had to figure things out for ourselves, which I really enjoy.”
—Blue Heron 7th Grader

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