Why you want to work here.

There are rare moments when organizations have the combination of a talented and motivated staff, a powerful board, a healthy and productive work culture, are executing well on existing programs but still innovating and looking for the next step—we’re in that moment, and it’s exciting.

The NWMC is dynamic, growing, and making a difference in our community. We are roughly twice the size we were seven years ago, debt free, and helping solve community problems like systemic improvements in our public schools, economic development, and job training—plus all of the fun stuff like kids programs, festivals and adventure races. Our waterfront campus is vibrant with a multitude of compelling activities, and all of them done to meet or advance industry best practices. In the words of a board member: “We don’t do B work.”

On top of it all, you’d get to work on the water and live in Port Townsend: natural beauty, heritage buildings, arts community, wooden boats, zero traffic jams. The Maritime Center’s relative scale to our small town means that the effects of our success can be observed in the success of our community. You’ll be doing meaningful work for the place you live and your efforts will make a tangible difference.

Right team, right moment, the right momentum, and the chance to move the needle for the prosperity of an entire community: That’s why we get excited to come to work in the morning, and that’s why we think you should want to be here too.

If you’re passionate about what we do and eager to learn more, we’d like to meet you. Please send your resume and cover letter to apply@nwmaritime.org. Include the job title in the subject line.

Current Openings:

General Ledger Accountant