Girls’ Boat Project: Shop Skills, Sun, and Skiffs

Happy Spring! As the days get longer and warmer, the girls have been expanding on their shop skills and spending time out in the sun too. We are all looking forward to spending a few days out on the water in a variety of crafts this season.

We’re getting closer to launching our own skiff! Recently, we sanded and primed the boat. We focused on high-quality finish work techniques as well as high-quality safety practices like always wearing our respirators! In the coming weeks, we will get some top coats on as well.

The take-home tool tray project is moving right along. Everyone has completed their half-lap joints (by hand!) and will assemble their trays next week. The girls have been practicing paring with chisels and we are so impressed with their patience and attention to detail! This week, everyone learned to use the drill press, which we will use to drill holes for the rope handles on the tool trays.

Two weeks ago, we went on an exciting field trip to the Boat Haven Marina for a tour of the historic 1910 sailing yacht Tally Ho! An important part of the Girls Boat Project experience is learning about all the projects and adventures these maritime skills can lead to, right here in our own community and beyond.

This crew certainly knows how to work hard and also have fun. Our favorite game this year is “Ninja,” and we’ve included some action shots from our beloved pier where we prefer to play.

Check back soon for more GBP updates!