Team Bellingham Mama Takes Her Second Chance

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I spent the 3 ½ years leading up to SEVENTY48 making and raising babies. This took a significant toll on my body, leaving me with a non-healing pelvic fracture and the words, “You’ll never run again,” ringing in my former … Read More

How to Learn

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Bravo Team braved the rain showers today by gearing up and showing up.  All were in attendance and we took out longdory Onward as a way to try a new vessel with our smaller numbers. Many people commented on the … Read More

What is the Recipe for Success? – Adult Teambuilding

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This past week, East Jefferson Habitat for Humanity Chapter ( decided to get outside of the office / worksite and try something new with the help of Northwest Maritime Center Program Staff and Longboat Townshend.   They wanted to… do “something that … Read More