Rental Policies

photo by Maurice Photo Inc.

General Rental Policies

  • A partially refundable reservation fee is required to secure the date; full payment is due 60 days before the event.
  • Renters must provide a valid VISA or MasterCard number.
  • 50% of payment or reservation fee is refundable if reservation is cancelled 60 days or more before the event date.
  • No portion of the payment or reservation fee is refundable if reservation is cancelled less than 60 days before the event.
  • Purchase of event parking may be required.
  • Weekend rates apply for Fridays through Sundays
  • $500 refundable security deposit required for all events
  • Glitter is not allowed in the Northwest Maritime Center venue
  • Signing a contract locks in your rented items at the price as depicted in the contract total. Any resources added after contract signing will be rented at the prevailing rate. Resource availability is subject to change.
  • Additional fees may apply. Please inquire for individualized quote or discounts


All renters must provide written proof of broad form insurance coverage. The cost is between $100 (for private events that do not involve alcohol) to $275 (for business or organizational events that include the serving of alcohol). We generally recommend the on-line quotes offered by

The certificate of insurance should include broad form of personal injury, liability and property damage coverage in force for the term of the event, with limits of at least $1 million per occurrence and $1 million aggregate, showing the NWMC as an additional named insured for purposes of this event and providing host liquor liability coverage if the event will include the service or consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Catering, Photography, Flowers & Lodging

Our list of Preferred Service Partners includes approved caterers for your event’s success.

You may also choose to provide your own food and beverage. However, use of our catering kitchen will be subject to a $350 fee. You are responsible for taking trash and recycling generated by your event to the receptacle located on our campus.

The serving of alcohol must comply with the Washington State Liquor Control Board regulations. For information about banquet permits and special occasion licenses, visit the WA State Liquor Control Board’s website.

Event Day Considerations


  • The NWMC asks that you don’t use tape for decorating or for taping cords to the floor.
  • Cookware with open flames must be pre-approved by the NWMC. Candles must be contained above the flame height.
  • The renters are responsible for decorations and all other event preparation.

It’s important to have a clear understanding with the caterer and other vendors of their duties. We recommend coordinating with members of your party to assist with cleanup, removing decorations, and clearing the venue of personal items by the end of your rental time. They are responsible for making sure everything gets put into the correct indoor receptacles

You may lose your security deposit if we find: decorations left, spilled liquids, venue damage, broken glass, stained decks, trash not in receptacles, kitchen left unclean, cigarette butts and litter, holes in wood panels. If a renter or their guests stay past the rental end time as depicted in their contract, you may lose part or all of your security deposit.

For more information about renting our event space, please contact us at:

360.385.3628 x2, or email