WA360 Adventure Race Returns Summer 2025

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Race to Alaska to Alternate on Even Years

WA360 will return next summer. WA360 is 360 miles of engineless, unsupported boat racing through the worst and most diverse water puzzles Washington State offers. The race will start and end in Port Townsend, traveling counterclockwise through the waterways of Washington within spitting distance of dozens of Pacific Northwest communities. 

WA360 debuted in 2021 with 56 teams who made the run in catamarans, trimarans, monohulls, beach cats, kayaks, SUPs, surfskis, and some weird pedal thing, all competing in one of three classes: Go Fast, Go Hard, and Human Power. The 2025 edition of the race will include a fourth class for youth participants.

Specifics of the 2025 WA360 race, including start date and route, will be announced at the Race to Alaska Blazer Party held on the Friday of Wooden Boat Festival in September in Port Townsend (and online sometime shortly thereafter).

“WA360 is always a paper airplane’s throw away from a Puget Sound community,” said Jesse Wiegel, Race Boss at the Northwest Maritime Center. “It’s an incredible platform for your wildest on-the-water dreams. WA360 provides an accessible and exciting way to level up your nautical adventure game here in our own backyard.”

Race to Alaska Starts Biennial Schedule

After the 2024 Race to Alaska, the race will assume a biennial (every-other-year) schedule, alternating with WA360. Race to Alaska will run in even years, and WA360 will run in odd years.  The 2024 race starts on Sunday, June 9, 2024; the application deadline for 2024 is April 15.