Schooner School Graduation

Sonia FrojenAll, Youth Programs

Spring Schooner School students had their last class on June 13th.  As a part of the celebration, students shared their thoughts around the class and what they had learned.

  • “I never have been on boats before and learned more about myself than I could have imagined,” said one student.
  • Another appreciated, “I learned what the steps are for getting serious about maritime careers and how to approach safety on the water.”

Many parents attended to see the photo slideshow of the semester and watch certificates be distributed for the AMSEA Drill Conductor Safety Training (

After a tour of the vessels we used in the 6-week sailing series (Yawl Pacifica and Schooner Martha), we had a barbeque and potluck.  The fall will reveal more about the future of the Maritime Academy and how to continue this programming for public school students.  Happy Summer!