Boatshop Classes & Workshops

photo by Mark Saran

See our shop webcam – there’s always something going on down here!

We offer boatbuilding classes for all abilities in all kinds of watercraft—sailboats, stitch & glue plywood kayaks, Scamps, surfboards, and more—from a number of different companies.

Classes Offered in the Boatshop by Our Program Partners:

Pygmy Boats

May 15–21, June 5–11, July 17–23, October 9–15
Build a beautiful pygmy kayak. Under the guidance of professional boat builders, learn the stitch and glue construction process to assemble your kayak.

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February in the Boatshop

The month of February was as busy as ever in the shop, too much to effectively shine a light on all of the projects, programs and partners, so I will focus on three. I’ll start with a new program in the shop with the Salish Sea Deaf School. What a wonderful group of students they were! In developing a program for them we decided that it would be key to focus on some fundamental skills they would need to work in the shop and on boats. We only had two hours with the students, but it stretched to nearly three as we were all having such a good time working together. We spent our time learning how to layout to cut a single dovetail joint, then saw and chisel out the waste to complete the joint, culminating in all of the students successfully hand-cutting functional and lovely dovetail joints.

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