Chuck Henry, Volunteer of the Year

Chuck Henry moved from a small midwest town to Port Townsend in 1977, and that same year, he and his wife happened to attend the first Wooden Boat Festival by pure coincidence! Chuck loves wooden boats and has owned, repaired, and rebuilt several. He eventually began volunteering for Festival, and over the years, he’s worked in various positions including on the Dock Safety Crew, as Dock Safety Captain (for 16 or 17 years!), assigning boats for free boat rides, and has taken on Gate Crasher duty in recent years.

“I do this because I love the people I get to see and talk to. I love all the flags, banners, food, music, and boats. I will volunteer, doing anything I can, to be a part of one of the coolest things I ever found to do with some of the coolest people ever to gather in one place, as long as good luck allows me to do so.”