Back Aboard Townshend

Nancy IsraelAll, Bravo Team, Youth Programs

We got out on the longboat Townshend for the first time this year. We had a light wind day and more students, so we thought we’d get back to our usual vessel. Townshend is the longboat we will help maintain this winter and also hope to use for an overnight journey at the end of the school year. Our coxswain, Lars, got us rowing and singing out of the harbor. Then we practiced an Crew Overboard drill to test our skills.

It was another beautiful Thursday with sunshine and calm conditions. A great day to learn about anchoring and test out some new science equipment. Today we used a Nisken Bottle to take a water sample at depth and compare it to a sample at the surface. We continue to come up with more questions we are interested in studying this year as we explore using the different equipment we have access to. Thanks to Salish Sea Expeditions for the use of new equipment!

Today we enjoyed a Moment of Silence while at anchor and noticed the different feeling and sounds of being aboard Townshend, a lapstrake planked boat. The journalist of the day shared a story that had us reflecting on how the messages we send out into the world, whether negative or positive, come back to us. Daniel asked all of us to think of a positive message about ourselves that we would like to send out into the world this week. Here are some of things we said:  have more patience,  confidence, and courage, be more flexible and enjoy the moment/be present.

Next week we hope to get a chance to be on the water again and do some sailing if the weather allows!