Shave and a Haircut

Sonia FrojenAll, Bravo Team, Youth Programs

Bravo Team’s last day of maintenance was today to complete Townshend’s annual ‘shave and a haircut.’

We got right to work and had all hands on deck complete the last of the hull prep before we vacuumed and wiped before paint.  Having an early snack allowed us to get powered up for nearly two hours of work that helped us accomplish all of these tasks:

  • Painted the hull and rudder with Seattle Gray
  • Hung the name boards on the recently varnished transom
  • Bent on sails on recently varnished yards
  • Conditioned leather on oars and masts
  • Oiled the Queen Seat and everything above the thwart risers inboard of the oar ports

What a focused crew and music from Paul Simon helped keep the energy moving right up until the last 15 minutes of class when we reflected on the accomplishments of the day.

Our final reflection was to remember something in our life that we’ve accomplished.  People reflected on everything from making a new friend, to backpacking solo, to saving a family member by doing CPR, and having fun today!  The Bravo Team roster is nearly full and with such diversity of experience we look forward to launching Townshend and getting back on the water next week.