Adult Sailing Classes FAQ

Adult sailing classes and private lessons meet on the second floor of the Northwest Maritime Center (NWMC). Often the instructor will wait on the balcony to guide you to the appropriate classroom or boat. If you are taking a full weekend or week-long course, you will meet in the 2nd floor classrooms located in the red Chandler Education Building. If you have questions about the registration process, please contact our registrar at 360-385-3628 x100, or email

We teach on our Cal 20 and Catalina 250. They are responsive, but have a 6 ft. keel so they can’t tip over. There is a comfortable, dry cockpit and a small cabin to store your backpacks, lunches, extra layers, etc. There is a portable head (toilet) on the boats. Classes usually stay on the water for 3 hours at a time maximum. (And we are happy to come back in to port as needed.)

The weather is changeable and it is often one layer colder on the water, so bring more than you think you need. Sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat and water are also recommended. You are welcome to bring gloves or any other equipment you choose. Cameras and phones are okay, but should be stowed below during class for safety.

If you are attending full day classes, we come in for lunch. You can go to our local restaurants for lunch, or bring your own. We stop for 45 minutes or so.

We will sail in the rain, but not in sustained winds over 17 knots.

It is our goal to teach you as much as we can, safely, and in a supportive and positive learning environment. Life jackets are mandatory, and provided for all of our students. If you have one of your own that you prefer, you can bring it. Our classes have 4 students or less. You will get to know each other and your instructors pretty well over the course of a weekend, or week-long class – it’s part of the fun! Port Townsend Bay is beautiful – blue water, mountains, the Victorian waterfront, and sea life.

Come sail with us!

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