Mariners’ Skills Classes

Land-based Mariner’s Skills Programs at Northwest Maritime Center

Up to 12 students | 1 hour or shortened versions available for some subjects

Navigation 1

Introduction to navigation using a nautical chart. Learn how to interpret the symbols on a chart and how they are used in navigation. Learn the basics of latitude and longitude and measuring distance over the water.

Navigation 2

Learn methods for plotting your position on a chart including triangulation and latitude/longitude coordinates. Learn how to do speed, distance and time calculations.

Compass Course

Learn how to use compasses to navigate a course around the Northwest Maritime Center.

Knot Tying

Learn to tie knots used in boating and the different purpose for each knot.

Longboat History/Visit

Historical introduction to charting of Puget Sound. Visit our historic replica longboats. Learn rowing commands and practice while at the dock.

Soundings in the Harbor

Learn how to take soundings (depths) of the harbor with lead lines. Create a harbor chart.

Songs of the Sea

Learn about the history of sea shanties. Sing shanties and create your own sea shanty.

Boat Shop Tour

Learn about the art of building wooden boats. Visit the NWMC boat shop to see the variety of different boats being built or repaired. Learn about different types of wood used and types of boat construction.

Marine Trades Tour

Expose students to local marine trades in action and the wealth of experience and knowledge we have locally. Learn about a variety of maritime careers through visiting different tradespeople.

Pilothouse Simulator

Smaller class size may apply
Visit our state of the art pilothouse simulator and put navigation skills into practice. Students will use steering and engine controls, radar and electronic charts while traveling a simulated course through different navigational challenges.

Woodworking Classes

Smaller class size may apply
Learn basic woodworking skills used in boat building by working with hand tools.


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