Nov 12 - 13 2024


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Radar, Collision Avoidance, & Night Navigation – Online

Learn to interpret the images your radar is displaying with video radar exercises from our simulator. This class covers the basics of true and relative motion, range, and bearing, focusing on their practical applications for you and your vessel. Gain practical skills in marking targets and tracking vessels. Then, take your knowledge a step further with simulated navigation exercises, navigating through fog and darkness. Learn the use of vectors, bearing lines, and range rings for safe navigation, recognizing vessels, aids to navigation, harbor entrances, and nighttime hazards. The class features video from our state-of-the-art maritime simulator, which accurately demonstrates the lights of Puget Sound and the vessels you might encounter.

Course Details:

April 9–10, June 4–5, Nov 12–13
6:30–8 PM | Cost: $90 non-member, $81 member

  • Prerequisites: None
  • Platform: Online; a Zoom link is provided one week before class
  • Teaching style: This class consists of a presentation followed by interactive discussions and a Q&A session.
  • Duration: Two consecutive evenings (1.5 hours each session)
  • Materials: Supplementary materials and resources will be provided for further reading and reference.
  • Registration: Sign up online at 
  • Cost: $90 non-member, $81 member
  • Notes: Please watch for the Zoom link to be sent via email one week before class. This class has a four-person minimum.