Salish Sea Expeditions: Odyssey Middle School, April 2022

Kelsey BrennerAll, Salish Sea Expeditions, Youth Programs

In April, Odyssey Middle School joined Salish Sea Expeditions on an adventure to Blake Island. Two groups of seventh and eighth graders explored the Canada goose-covered island for one night to learn shore science along with the real-world practices of testing water quality and plankton populations in the Puget Sound. 

Part of the day was dedicated to learning about the natural environment and observing the life that is dependent on our shores and water. Using scientific observations, the students observed and made predictions on what they witnessed of animals and life found between water and land. Students used watercolors to express what they were observing—many students were excited about the visual opportunity included in the program!

The other part of the day was exploring marine science from the Admiral Jack, a forty-foot catamaran. The plankton was abundant and perfect for taking a closer look to see the diversity that can be found in the Puget Sound. The students were delighted to be able to see and identify them after catching the plankton themselves. While out on the water taking samples for testing water quality, some of the groups saw harbor porpoises and seals—which to some was the best part of the trip! After collecting the samples, students tested temperatures, salinity, dissolved oxygen, and PH.

With campfires and song competitions to round out the trip, everyone had an amazing time investigating deeper what we see on a regular basis.