Salish 100

Each summer, the Salish 100 fleet cruises the length of the Puget Sound—100 miles from the State Capital of Olympia to the Victorian seaport of Port Townsend—with stops each day for cruisers to join together and share the experience.

Salish 100 is designed to bring together a vibrant community on the water, in celebration of their watercraft and the places they travel through. The fleet of small boats ranges from SUPs to SCAMPs to Skiffs. Whitehalls wherries, sharpies, melonseeds, and every conceivable type of home-built sail and rowing vessels all find a home in this event. 

Along the route, skippers from across the states and other countries will experience everything the Salish Sea has to offer: currents racing through narrow channels, tide rips, sandbars, rocky shores, wonderfully protected anchorages, wind conditions ranging from flat calm to small-craft warnings, encounters with wildlife, and some new friendships that’ll last a lifetime. Many of the participants come from inland states to experience saltwater boating—tidal ranges of up to 14 feet—for the first time. 

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July 18–25, 2024

Salish 100 applications for 2024 is closed! All participants who apply must go through a vetting process based on the vessel’s ability to meet basic safety requirements. Read the USCG Minimum Equipment Requirements it’s a great resource laying out Coast Guard requirements for small recreational vessels.

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Fisheries Supply 

Other supporters of this year’s Salish 100 include Gig Harbor BoatShop, and the Ports of Olympia, Kingston, and Port Ludlow.