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Our Projects

This is how we meet our mission.

Northwest Maritime is the umbrella organization for many related and complementary initiatives—all linked by the same organizational engine:

Race to Alaska

Born in 2015, R2AK is North America’s longest human- and wind-powered race: 750 cold water miles from Port Townsend, WA, to Ketchikan, AK. $10,000 first prize; second prize: a set of steak knives.

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48° North

For over 40 years, 48° North has stood as the premier sailing magazine of the Pacific Northwest. In 2018, it integrated into Northwest Maritime to expand its reach, formats, and content. 

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Wooden Boat Festival

The headwaters of the NWMC began in 1977 with the first Wooden Boat Festival. Forty-five years later, the celebration that started as a bunch of wooden boat hippies around a campfire has grown to the largest event of its kind in North America. 

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The Swan Hotel

We purchased the Swan Hotel, which is adjacent to our main campus, in 2021 to secure land for eventual expansion. In the meantime, revenue from the historic 13-room boutique hotel supports our programs and mission.

Other projects and activities of Northwest Maritime Include:

Education & Sail Training

Career Training

Professional Mariner Training

In partnership, we provide: 


Races & Events