Shop Projects Are Almost Done

Chrissy McLeanAll, Boatshop, Girls' Boat Project, Youth Programs

This week was our last day in the shop for this year. Everyone to got their projects to a completed stage so they are ready to take home next week.

The girls working on tool trays glued, clamped, sanded, nailed, and applied finish. Some girls even had time to make whippings on their rope handles.

Those working on mallets first laid out the final shape of the top and striking faces of the mallet head.  They added some final sanding to their handles and then the heads were glued on and fitted with wedges.

We ended our day with appreciations for each other. We admired each others skills, kindness, senses of humor, and dedication to our projects.

Next week will be our final week of class. Our journey will be rescheduled for right after school is out for the year.  Double the celebration!