Soundings and Singing

Sonia FrojenAll, Bravo Team, Youth Programs

Today was our last day of class before our one-night Bravo Team Journey next week.  Honing in on the last pieces of logistics before Journey was the goal of today’s class.

After our check-in about personal gear, we discussed menu details, our float plan, and any last questions.  We started packing our gear with sleeping bags and sleeping pads in dry bags.  Then we headed down to the boat to get underway.  The weather was calm and overcast – perfect for mellow rowing practice to get near Pizza Beach.  We practiced taking soundings and dropped an anchor for our snacking.

Moment of Silence and some chillin’ happened before we pulled up the anchor and headed back in.  We practiced putting the boat cover on dockside to see how it is that we’ll fit all 10 of us aboard for sleeping.

At the end of the day, the reflection question was: “What’s your favorite part of Bravo Team this year?”  Answers varied: – sailing Townshend and getting to know people, Thursdays are a day without stress from homework, seeing the crew grow, having good conditions for many days to get out on the water, having fun and watching people learn.