The King of Tides

Sonia FrojenAll, Bravo Team, Youth Programs

Bravo Team welcomed two new members today.  After doing a fun name game and brainstorming qualities of teamwork for our Ship’s Article, we headed down to the dock to take Onward for a spin.  With the recent King Tides (aka Spring Tides), we noticed a lot of large driftwood (aka deadheads) floating near Point Hudson.  Besides the flotsam and jetsam, we were the only other boat out on the water for the majority of our time together today.

With continual nice weather, we’ve had the opportunity to go out almost every week.  When the weather turns and we have more wind, we’ll focus on our Environmental Project.  Today after coming in from the water, we watched last year’s video on plastic straws titled: “Don’t Suck.”  Here is a link to that video: Bravo Team Plastic Straw Video: “Don’t Suck”

We have been continuing to build our knowledge about knot-tying, sailing, how tides work, rowing and maneuvering, and about each other as team mates.  Next week we hope to build a Ship’s Article Team Contract that helps establish norms that are important to us as a team.  In our brainstorm today we came up with a list that includes:  trust yourself, listening, be quiet and let others think, trust your teammates, respect, stay present, adventurous spirit, willingness, and flexibility.  During our final reflection, we were able to share with each other what we noticed in our team and how that was shown out on the water today.  Many qualities of the team are working well and we appreciate that you are following along with us!