Lee Shore Sailing

Sonia FrojenAll, Bravo Team, Youth Programs

Bravo Team went sailing today with a southerly wind that took some teamwork and concentration to sail in.  Before we headed out, there was a chalk talk about points of sail and sail parts.  Many pictures and vocabulary words were drawn on the dry erase board (students have joked about this maritime / sailing class being a language credit due to the nomenclature required aboard a boat).

Then we went out on Onward and put our hands on lines in true experiential education fashion.

Our new coxswain practiced her voice of leadership as we made our way out of the marina with a fresh southerly breeze.  Soon after, we set our sails and headed out into Admiralty Inlet.  Tacking near Red Buoy #2 near Point Hudson, we headed back into Port Townsend Bay on a port tack.  Snack with active sheet handling and helming was a multi-tasking challenge, yet it was accomplished with good humor and teamwork.  Our Moment of Silence was nice and a tugboat going by gave us some company.  Other than the tug and ferry, we were the only boat out on PT Bay (and the only sailboat out).

Photos show us smiling and learning.  Our closing reflection asked the question, “What are you grateful for?”  People answered with, “being out on the water,”  “no small craft advisories this year,”  “diverse learning and daily activities,”  and “family being healthy.”

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and thanks for following along!