Volunteer Highlight: Jamie Webb

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My name is Jamie Webb and I am a third generation Victorian. I started out as a rigger apprentice with the Navy in 1984, and over the last thirty years have morphed into the Chief of Protocol for the Royal Canadian Navy. These days I cruise the Gulf Islands in a Crocker Stonehorse cutter with my son Alex. I also have a daughter who doesn’t like boats. I don’t know where I went wrong.

“Canada… where to us it’s the Pacific Southwest.” –Jamie Webb

I first became involved with the NWMC through all my wooden boat friends in Victoria and PT. But more specifically, Carol Hasse at Port Townsend Sails introduced me to a guy named Jake Beattie… and he told me about a Race to Alaska. I like the community feel of the NWMC and I really love the zaniness of the R2AK. It reminds me of, “It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World!”


Jaime is the volunteer who makes R2AK successful in Victoria. He works with customs on our behalf for easy entry. He is at the finish line to ring in the teams and tie up boats. He is the man who gets everything stuck, unstuck: liquor licenses when we forgot, digital projectors with 30 minutes notice – he just makes things happen. He knows everyone and makes connections when we cannot. He is a leader of events and organizations who will also pick up after a party. He is the Victoria definition of Yes!