A New Perspective: Bravo Team’s One Day Journey

We had a hatch full of snacks, a forecast for sun and light wind, and a small boat to adventure in—Bravo Team was ready for our full-day expedition! We were missing a few crew members, so we decided to set sail in the long dory Onward which is easier to row with fewer peopleThis was a fun addition to our exploration of sailing vessels this spring—including sailing our longboat Townshend and on schooner Martha.
The winds were perfect for a small boat cruise so we made our way across the bay to Fort Flagler. Then we scooted past the north end of Rat Island, visiting the shallow shoals that cross the bar and the wooden tower (formerly a WWII installment, but now a favorite perch for cormorants). We used our chart and binoculars to identify the navigation marks that describe Kilisut Harbor’s windy channel. We were in awe at how far away our town looked and how different it felt to be on this side of the bay.

After jibing our way down Rat Island, we set our clothesline anchor and dropped ourselves onto the gravely beach of the island. Our time ashore included our delicious lunch and an opportunity to relax and enjoy the island and the many birds and harbor seals that live nearby.

It wasn’t long before it was time to get back on our boat and cast ourselves off. We sailed off the hook and enjoyed the push from the outgoing current of Kilisut Harbor. A few long tacks and several juicy mangos later, we were back on our home shores sailing in front of Port Townsend. We were all smiles as we returned—full of the joy and happiness that comes from a perfect day sailing.