Maritime High School Collaborator Spotlight: Wilbur “JC” Clark of Pacific Pile & Marine

Kelsey BrennerAll, Maritime High School

My name is Wilbur Clark. I am the Chief Operating Officer for Pacific Pile & Marine, a heavy-civil marine construction firm based in the South Park neighborhood of Seattle. I have been in the marine construction industry for 14 years since graduating from the University of Washington. However, my experience in marine construction goes back to when I was a young boy traveling up and down the west coast of the United States with my family as my father was building bridges, piers, and shipping terminals in the marine construction field as well.

My “why” may seem cliché but it is honestly what I believe in, and what my wife and I tell our children every night as we put them to bed; we want to be good, do good, and make the world a better place. Being a part of Maritime High School gives me the opportunity to do good and to help make the world a better place by giving high school students a unique advantage for success through the experiences of project-based learning with industry partners in the maritime industry. I have been honored to be a part of the collaboration so far with MHS developing learner trajectories, but I am even more excited for the chance to be able to work directly with students through project mentoring and evaluation, to be able to support them with the challenges they identify and find meaning in.

At Pacific Pile & Marine we have a similar “why” which is “Building the Future”, we are going to build the future of America in a way that all our stakeholders want and value while providing good, quality lives to all our employees and our communities. Seattle, and the South Park neighborhood in particular, is one of those communities that we want to make sure we are helping to build a just, equitable, inclusive, and thriving future for. That offer of assistance needs to start with the youth of this wonderful region. They are the future of this planet, so we need to ensure their success is well fostered through the exciting learning opportunities at the Maritime High School.



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