Team Longboat

For students from the OCEAN program of Port Townsend School District.

Team Longboat (formerly known as Bravo Team) is a longboat seamanship, team building, and environmental learning program that lasts the entire school year. Together, participants work to voyage on Port Townsend Bay, maintain the longboat, and learn about marine trades and the natural history of the Salish Sea. The year culminates with an overnight voyage. 

Students can register for Team Longboat through OCEAN.

Questions? Contact Chrissy McLean at or 360.385.3628 x113

Read our blog to follow along with their activities during the year!

Bravo Team’s Five-Day Island Adventure

With calloused hands, warm hearts, and soaring spirits, Bravo Team returns from Journey! Five days out in the islands and four nights under a blanket of stars have left us better friends and more experienced mariners.

Bravo Team: Sailing into Spring

With longer days and warmer weather on the way, our band of singing, sailing, and rowing comrades are merrily, cheerily refining our maritime skills aboard our trusted vessel Townshend.

Bravo Team: Hoist the Sails and Sing Along!

Bravo Team Sea Shanty (Sung to the melody of Yellow Submarine) In the town where we all live There is a boat that sails the winds We pack the cart and wheel is there Jump on the boat, Oh don’t you dare! Say stepping on as you board and please share the hummus, don’t you…

Bravo Team: Wood Ships and Friendships

There are good ships, and wood ships, the ships that sail the sea, but the best ships are friendships, and may that always be! And then there are wood ships! Anyone who has experience with boats, especially wooden ones, knows that wooden boats take work—and lots of it! Bravo Team has been immersed in this…

Bravo Team: Learning the Ropes

Nothing like closing out the year with full steam, as our group of young longboaters literally learns the ropes. Bravo Team is in full swing, and getting the feel for their equipment, crewmates, and the changing season. Our first month on the water has been full of laughter, fumbles, and ironing out the details as…

Bravo Team is Back on the Water

Leaves are changing color, days are getting shorter, and Bravo Team is back on the water! We have a full team of middle and high school students from the Port Townsend School District’s OCEAN program to operate longboat Townshend. Five of our students are returning (some for several years!), and they have lots of skills and knowledge to…

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