Support Maritime High School

Anchored in the Duwamish Valley, Maritime High School delivers powerful youth development experiences and exceptional education to students who are furthest from educational justice, resources, and opportunities in the Highline Public Schools and surrounding districts.

The enduring success of Maritime High School requires strong connection to both the maritime industry and community. By building these connections we set the stage for a paradigm shift—one that fosters a working relationship between the spheres of school and community rather than seeing them exist and operate as detached entities. By integrating the many maritime industry professions, and the scope and scale of opportunities contained within them, we empower students to make informed decisions about their next steps along the pathways before them.

Ways to Support Maritime High School

There are four key ways to support Maritime High School as we grow to a school size of 400. They include recruitment and outreach, direct support of students, curriculum and learning experiences, and financial support.  

Recruiting & Outreach

Access opportunities for involvement—some of which include sharing communications, hosting events, making connections, and more.

Direct Support of Students

Through direct interaction with students, maritime industry professionals can positively impact a student’s understanding of the rich maritime industry through mentorships and internships, attending student presentations, and providing informational interviews.

Support Learning Experiences

Ensure that maritime industry perspectives are fully represented within the school design. Opportunities include providing fieldwork experiences for the students and working closely with MHS teachers and NWMC staff.

Provide Financial Support

Join other maritime industry leaders and make a four-year financial pledge to MHS. Unrestricted gifts provide funds for the school’s greatest startup and recruitment needs. Underwrite portions of the curriculum or specific projects.

“We believe it’s important for industry to get involved with the project-based learning fieldwork because it can help shape the students’ learning outcomes to match with what we all collectively would like to see from the next wave of maritime professionals coming into the industry.”

–JC Clark, Pacific Pile & Marine

This is our moment to create positive regional change through powerful maritime experiences.

If you’re excited about Maritime High School and interested in learning more or investing, contact Angela Hewitson at Or make a gift online by clicking the button below.