Ship’s Articles, Bench Projects, and Seat Risers

Chrissy McLeanAll, Boatshop, Girls' Boat Project, Youth Programs

This week in the Girls’ Boat Project we took on a variety of tasks. First off, we completed our Ship’s Articles or team agreements. This took the form a pennant or flag that we created as a group. We started the process last week, writing down three ideas for our team agreements. This week, we refined our thinking and offered our ideas to the group. Each agreement had to be unanimous and some of them needed clarification or re-wording until we were all satisfied. We agreed to: Be Forgiving, Accept Others, Adaptable, Minty Fresh Attitude (which means a “fresh” attitude), Lend A Hand, Work Hard Play Hard, Patience, Contribute to the Team, Situational Awareness, Have Fun, and Encourage Others to do Their Best. This flag will be with us throughout the year and will be a guide for us to use as we take on new tasks and try new challenges.

When we headed down to the shop, the girls again took on a variety of tasks. The boat group was focused on installing stringers and preparing the seat risers (which will eventually support our seats or thwarts). The bench group was busy mortising mallet heads, beginning to layout mallet handle templates, grooving for bottom boards, and cutting half laps in tool trays.

Next week is our Holiday Party and we are excited to celebrate together!