Cruising Along

Chrissy McLeanAll, Boatshop, Girls' Boat Project, Youth Programs

As we enter into December, our team has developed a flow. We started the day with a challenge- escaping the Bosun’s Handcuffs! Bosun’s handcuffs are made by tying two bowlines in a line, slipping one around each wrist, and then linking yourself with a partner. The goal is to un-link yourselves without untying the knots or taking the loops off of your wrists. Most of us tried some really silly contortions before working out the solution. It’s a fun way to think about problems.

We continued our discussion of team work in preparation for creating a Ship’s Articles next week. Each girl wrote three or more team agreements that they would like for our group. We will finalize these next week.

Down in the shop we continued to work on our projects. The boat crew installed another stringer which required focus in the short time we had. The bench crew was busy with many levels of personal projects- working on layout, cutting half laps, grooving boards, and drilling and chiseling mortises in mallet heads.

We spent our break exploring and admiring the chilly and lovely world that is Port Townsend on a winter afternoon. The mountains were out and glowing pink and the beach was filled with new discoveries brought in by the king tides.