Chamfers, Cuts, and Layout

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Halloween is a busy day in Port Townsend, so our shop time was focused and concentrated today. We all wanted to leave a bit early to join the massive Halloween parade downtown.

We stayed in our same work groups as last week. The bench project team continued to work on their tool trays, making cuts with a pull saw and then marking centers using the hand and eye method with dividers. The next step was laying out our half lap joints and then marking our next cuts.

The boat team continued to work on planing chamfers on the stringers. They also began cutting the stringers to equal lengths. The next steps will be laying out and pre-drilling the holes before the stringers are installed into the sole of the boat.

Next week we are taking a break from the shop are excited to visit  The Artful Sailor and work with the wonderful Emiliano Marino and Pami-Sue Alvarado!