Gybing and Tacking

Sonia FrojenAll, Bravo Team, Youth Programs

Bravo Team had incredible weather today.  Sailing was the goal after we decided on an environmental project activity.  Stay tuned for more info about the project that we hope will take place locally in the next month.

After welcoming a new student to class, we geared up in the bosun’s locker and got aboard Townshend.  The crew rowed us out of the marina and had an opportunity to perform a Crew Overboard Drill before setting up to sail.  All three sails were set and we gybed our way out into Port Townsend Bay before our snacking began.  During this sailing time, we were able to snack, share stories, relax in the sun, and have our ritual of Moment of Silence.

At this point we were out in PT Bay and needed to head back towards Point Hudson Marina.  A very, very slow tack happened and we passed the sails just as the wind died.  Soon we were rowing and singing our way back into the marina arriving at the dock about twenty minutes later than planned but smiling and grateful.

Highlights of the day included resting on board, smooth gybing and tacking as a team, learning everytime on the water, and just being out in the sun.

We only have 7 classes left before the end of the school year and are excited that we’ll be able to use our growing skills for a potential overnight trip aboard Townshend.

Thanks for following along!