Filming and Opening the Bird Boxes!

Nancy IsraelAll, Bravo Team

Bravo team has less then a month until our last class on May 17. Between now and then we have a lot to accomplish. We are going to go on a one day expediton on May 8 in our local waters. We looked at the charts, measured distances and checked the tides for that day. We are excited about being together as a team for a longer outing and having some time to explore on shore.

Filming more of our plastic straw documentary was next on the agenda. We recorded some narration, filmed an interview with “plastic straw man” and a scene called the “Seal Skit”.

Our last task for the day was to open the Purple Martin boxes at Point Hudson. We brought our tools out and lowered the nesting boxes so we could open them for the season. Hopefully the Martins will be back soon! It was an absolutely beautiful day and we enjoyed getting outside and having our snack and moment of silence by the beach. Next week we hope to have a full crew for getting out on the water and practicing skills for our May 8th expedition.


One day after opening the bird boxes, the Purple Martins are back!