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Rent Space in Our Boatshop

Located in downtown Port Townsend right next to Point Hudson, our Boatshop is the perfect space for your next project, whether you’re a professional builder, working on a personal project, or interested in hosting a workshop. Keep reading to learn more about our space and rates.

Inquire About Rentals:

Contact Joel Arrington,  360.316.6839


If you are looking for a warm, dry, well-equipped and spacious shop for projects, we have just the place. Included in the rental is the use of our stationary shop tools (table saw, jointer, drill press, ect.), dedicated bench space with storage, and 110-volt outlets. Not included are hand tools and items that are either disposable or portable (drills, sanders, vacuums, ect.). The shop can accommodate a spar up to 85’ and many boats up to 36’. A business license and insurance are required.

Individual Renters

Individual renters can bring in their boat or bench project and have access to the same benefits a professional would–tools, space, and more–as long as the owner can prove to the shop manager that he or she is competent and safe with the tools. A shop tools class may be required. If you’re interested in a more guided rental experience, check out our Boatshop with Benefits Workshop.

Host a Workshop

Rent the space for a week and bring your design and student to a group build. The Boatshop can accommodate up to 12 kayaks or 6–8 small boats. We have hosted designs such as Pygmy Kayaks, SCAMP, and various stand-up paddleboards and surfboards. 

Shop Rental Rates (subject to change)

West Wing1.50 sq/ftN/AN/A
Main Shop1.00 sq/ft3.00 sq/ft5.00 sq/ft
8’ Bench*$50.00$125$300
16’ Bench*$65.00$195$500
*Bench rental comes with lockable cabinet with lock to be supplied by renter