Maritime High School Collaborator Spotlight: Samantha Griswold of Glosten

Kelsey BrennerAll, Maritime High School

I work as a Marine Engineer at Seattle-based maritime consultancy, Glosten. I grew up on the south shore of Long Island, New York, where I spent every summer boating in the Great South Bay. During high school, I was always interested in science and math. Some students a year ahead of me had applied to a small college on Long Island specializing in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, called Webb Institute. Once I found a way to combine my love of STEM with my love of the water, I couldn’t envision another path. After graduating from Webb, I moved to Seattle, where I continue to work in the thriving maritime industry.

I love the challenge of working in the maritime space. To design a vessel, you need to know a little bit about everything. A ship is like a floating city; it needs structure, electricity, drinking water, HVAC, comfortable communal spaces, etc. But a ship has the added challenge of containing almost no flat walls, the requirement to float and endure wind and waves, and the necessity to move. Every vessel I have worked on has provided a unique challenge, making every day different.

The marine industry is such a small and niche industry. Many people who work in this industry have similar stories with the same framework—they “met someone who worked in the industry and introduced them to all it had to offer.” The “through-the-grape-vine” method of exposure has caused the industry to lose out on so many talented, and passionate people. Maritime High School is taking on the challenge of making the maritime industry more accessible and spreading the word about how rewarding a career in this field can be.

I have been working with my colleagues and have connected with my alma mater to help identify ways we can bring new and diverse voices into the ship design workforce. Working with MHS is so important because attracting young talent needs to start early!


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