GBP: Framing our Skunk Island Skiff

taylorBoatshop, Girls' Boat Project

Our March 5th meeting of Girls Boat Project brought teamwork towards progress on our Skunk Island Skiff. Last week we attached the bottom, this week our focus was to install the framing along the sides of the boat from bow to stern. The girls got into pairs, and worked together on the installation process. Tool use included a power drill to drill out pilot holes along the layout that K set up– four holes for four fasteners. One girl would hold the framing piece in place while the other drilled out the pilot holes. Next up was applying Sikaflex marine sealant, a.k.a “Shmooey” along the frame piece with a caulking gun, and then smoothing it out with a putty knife. Then, a clamp was used to keep it in place after it was aligned with the pilot holes previously made, and fasteners were put in place with either a brace or a simple screwdriver for the four square-bit screws. After the frame was secure, the clamp was removed and the girls moved to the next area where a frame needed installation.

The girls seemed to really enjoy this type of paired-up methodical work, and they accomplished a lot in the time they had– all the frames were installed! Next week we are hoping to get out on the water if the weather permits. If not, we will continue with more interior framing work on the skiff and progress on the individual bench projects, the tool trays.