Join us in Norway 2020!

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Join us for a once in a lifetime tour of Norway, July 12-21, 2020

Trip leader Barb Trailer tells us a little about what we have in store for our 2020 Norway tour.

If you’ve always wanted to go to Norway, this summer is the perfect opportunity. We’ll be heading into Viking territory to explore the rich history and take in the “Meet,” Norway’s annual gathering of historic boats and maritime preservation organizations. Norway’s museums are among the best in the world, and their preservation of boats and culture is known throughout the world as being unparalleled. They value their heritage and want to share it with the world—and they do it well!

Bergen and the “Meet”

I can’t wait to go to the “Meet.” 200-500 boats big and small from all around Norway. Presentations, food, fine crafts, and all the things that you would expect at a gathering of historic vessels.

It’s as close to a festival as it can get, without being an official festival. Don’t bother googling it; it’s so cool you won’t find it, but we have the inside scoop! This year the “Meet” is being held in Bergen, which is also celebrating its 950th year—what an amazing time to be there.

Oslo and Beyond

We will also spend time in Oslo taking an exclusive look at shipbuilding, viking history, and incredible museums, all with private tour guides. We’ll be staying in historic hotels right downtown, eating local and traditional fare.

Traveling between Oslo and Bergen is an adventure of its own: spectacular scenery, a private coach tour, the famous Flam Railway, and a boat ride through the fjords.

If you don’t know much about their culture, let me tell you…

Norway is proudly on the cutting edge; when I was there last, the talk was all about doing away with paper currency…incredible! And don’t forget to bring your walking shoes. It was my first time really spending time in a country that is pedestrian-centric instead of car-centric. I was amazed by how the people, trains and cars worked together so seamlessly; it’s beautiful.

We know it takes something really special to make you want to leave the Pacific Northwest in the summer, but this trip convinced us; we hope it convinces you as well.

If you have traveled with us before, you know our style. You know that we take it all in, we pride ourselves on finding the hidden gems and making every trip special—our tour of Norway will be one of the best!

Here’s to new adventures. Skål!

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