Speed = Distance / Time…

Sonia FrojenAll, Bravo Team, Youth Programs

…or another way to put it, plan to row unless you have wind.  Then go sailing, unless it’s on your nose.  Always look at the current guides to literally, go with the flow.

Journey Planning for our early May Bravo Team Journey started in earnest today.  With the weather outside blowing 20 kts and a Small Craft Advisory, we were unable to go out on the water.  We pulled out charts, dividers, current books (Captain Jacks is our favorite), and started making notes.  How fast can a longboat travel?  Depends on the crew, the currents, and the overall conditions.  An average speed of 2 knots is realistic.  So how long do we want to travel on the first day of Journey – when do we want to be anchored so we can enjoy an evening of warm dinner and camaraderie? All of these questions were posed to the team.

Some students have been on Journey before, others have never even camped outside.  The diversity of experience and the willingness to participate in the planning is the goal – we broke into teams of two and started.  Captain Jacks has both tides and currents with corrections for very specific bodies of water.  Because we’re only doing a two-day, one-night Journey we looked at places within 10 nautical miles of Pt. Hudson for our overnight accommodations.  A few of the options include: Mystery Bay State Park, Fort Flagler, Rat Island, Chimacum Creek, or Oak Bay.

After the rain showers passed, we headed outside to observe our Moment of Silence after some snacking.  The spring weather continues to provide much to look at in the cloud patterns, wildlife, blooming flowers, and frenzied energy in our students!

Thanks for following along in our last four weeks of class.  Stay tuned for more Journey Planning info.