Chimacum Maritime Discovery Program – 12th Year!

Sonia FrojenAll, Youth Programs

We are in our third day of hosting all of the Seventh Grade Chimacum School District 7th graders for their end-of-the year Maritime Discovery Program.  With collaboration from Centrum, we have planned a seven-day experience to have all classes maritime focused.  Movement classes with Christian Swenson, Print-making art classes with Hannah Viano (Wooden Boat Festival #43 Poster Artist:, Archimedes Principal in math class, sea-shantey writing and singing in Language Arts, and of course Science with a Herring dissection and a look at plastics in the ocean.

Each group of ~10 students takes out a longboat 4 times for rowing, sailing, and more skilled tasks like tacking and gybing, and a potential final day challenge.  We are grateful for the chance to use the Pilothouse Simulator as well for the electronic version of driving a boat as large as a container ship in the Puget Sound Exercise Area.

Many songs can be heard throughout the Marina and one group was heard singing….

  • “I’m gonna take my boat to the old town road, row ’til I can’t no more” – sung by the Krusty Krab Longboat Group.

We’ll host a Final Day Celebration at Chimacum Middle School, Friday May 31st from 8 to 10 am to highlight all the cool stuff the students have learned!  Please show up if you’re able to witness the learning and empowerment in action!