NWMC camper talks about her sailing camp experience

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Northwest Maritime Center summer sailing camp

NWMC camper Winnie Colvin told us about her sailing camp experience and what she did with her new-found confidence.

Sailing camp was one of the best camps I did last summer, not just because it was on the water, but also because of how much I learned and how nice everyone was. I went in and had no clue what it would be like to sail or capsize a sailboat in cold water, and like I said before, everybody was super nice and made me feel comfortable.

I was scared to capsize test, but afterwards it made me feel capable. I loved it and signed up for another week later that summer! Also, after going to sailing camp I couldn’t wait to come back to camp again, and it inspired me to do more things on the water.

In March I went on a trip down the Rio Grande with my dad. We did 70 miles in the Big Bend National Park area of the river. The boat we were on was a plywood drift boat that we had to row and row and row. It was hard work and early mornings because of the time change! I want my whole family to go back and do the trip with me someday.

I am currently building an 8-foot pram alongside my friend and my older brother. I hope it is done by summer! I hope that if you ever do sailing camp it will inspire you to do more with sailing too.