Afoot and Afloat with PTMSC Campers!

Nancy IsraelAll, Youth Programs

Campers from Port Townsend Marine Science Center have been getting out on the water aboard NWMC vessels to carry out scientific investigations this summer. This is part of the Afoot and Afloat camp that focuses on Inquiry Based Science for 11-13 year olds. 

Students brought aboard various scientific equipment including Van Dorn bottles for collecting water samples at different depths, ph, temperature and salinity meters and secchi disks. This equipment allowed students to find out about the effects of different manipulated variables such as depth, location, tides/currents on the responding variables of salinity, pH  and temperature. Students were also given the opportunity to take the helm and learn some sailing skills as well!

NWMC is happy to be partnering with PTMSC on this great program for budding scientists!