Volunteer Highlight: John Hazen

John Hazen grew up in Hawaii and has been sailing, surfing and doing everything else your typical sea-lover does since he was 10 years old. After years of working as a refrigeration technician he eventually secured his dream boat, a 20’ Flicka, and realized his dream of one day doing a long, blue-water cruise. He sailed to Tahiti and spent the summer there, did some more single-handed adventuring after that, and ultimately landed here in Port Townsend where he currently lives.

John has been a volunteer with the Northwest Maritime Center since 2010. He started his relationship with the center in 2008 when he was asked by Jerry Fry to work as an employee in the Copula House Chandlery for another employee who wanted to do a summer cruise. When the new facility was completed, he asked if he could volunteer here. John’s contributions to the Chandlery have piled up over the years, and one of his most enduring legacies of service is all of the furniture he’s built for the store. You know that chart table next to our bookcases? He built that. And the dressing room… the shipping supply cabinet… window shelving… The list goes on…

When we asked John what he enjoys about volunteering with us, he told us he just loves helping customers. Whether it’s providing great customer service or sharing the knowledge and wisdom he has gained from sailing and being connected to the community, it has all been a rewarding experience and has given him the opportunity to feel useful and appreciated. He feels like it gives him great opportunities for socializing, and he enjoys being part of “… a valuable, worthy organization.”

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