Windy and Watery Work Day

StaffAll, Girls' Boat Project, Youth Programs

The weather was not in our favor today, so we changed our plans from going out in the longboat, instead we learned about some safety gear and continued to make progress on our boat and tool trays. To start the day off we learned about how to pack a longboat with all the gear and safety equipment that is
required by the US Coast Guard. Jenna used the checklist to make sure everything was gathered by the rest of the crew and loaded into one of the dock carts ready to bring down to the boat. Then we tried on and packed the exposure suits we are required to carry in case of severe weather or a capsize. It was a little tricky to figure out how to get suited up
but with a little more practice and some help from a partner the entire crew was able to complete a drill to get their suits on in just about 60 seconds!





In the boat shop today Jenna, Opal, Sophia, and Harper laid out and started cutting their half lap joints for their tool tote project using the band saw. Linnea, Grace and Cyan worked on crafting the cheek pieces to attach the chines of the boat to. Using sapele and the band saw they cut out the right shape to join the chines to the transom so we can get our boat ready to plank!