Transom and Tool Trays

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We untangled this human knot and then we spent another fabulous day working away in the wood shop.  This week we switched projects, the boat group starting on their tool trays, and the tool tray group working on the boat.

  After drawing out the planes and transferring them onto the wood, the new boat group was able to get the transom (the back of the boat) cut out. Then they worked on planing the wood down with a hand plane to the line to create that perfect fit which will eventually become the tail section of our work punt.

The rest of the crew got started on creating their tool trays.

Jenna, Opal, Sophia, and Grace were all able to get their tool trays laid out and cut. Many of the girls also started using rasps and hand planes to shave down and even out the ends.


We ended the day with great big smiles on our faces when we were able to hold up the pieces of the boat and see the shape of our future work punt.