Sharing the Fun

StaffAll, Girls' Boat Project, Youth Programs

This week the girls continued to make good progress on  their projects and shared their experiences with Girls Boat Project donors while they toured the shop.

Harper and Linnea carefully used dividers and combination squared to lay out the half-laps for their tool trays. They then used the bandsaw to cut them out then got to try out chisels to clean up their joints.

Grace, Opal, and Sophia worked with Kat on the boat this week getting to begin the planking stage.  Woohoo!

When the donors showed up the boat group and the tool tray group took turns explaining what they have been doing over the past five weeks, the names of the different parts on their projects, and the tools they have been using. The girls even demonstrated how some of the tools worked and let the donors try them out!

Overall this week turned out great. It seemed like the girls and the adults both had fun and learned a lot.