Planks for the Boat!

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To warm up for the day we wrote a chantey called “Girls at Sea” based on the traditional tune “Fish in the Sea.” The girls will be performing this chantey at She Tells Sea Tales our fundraising event that is coming up on March 11th!

After writing and practicing our new chantey we played a fun challenge game involving a teamwork to get marble as far down the hallway as you could using short bits of pipe. The catch was that you couldn’t move if the marble was in your pipe.

Then we headed to the shop where everybody helped create planks for the boat. We split up into two teams and traced out our plank patterns onto the wood we would cut them out of Port Orford Cedar planking stock donated by Jim Tolpin.

After tracing the patterns, each team used some nails and a thin piece of bendable wood called a batten to ‘connect the dots’ and trace a smooth line onto the board. Once that was finished they cut their plank out on the bandsaw. Yes, the girls do the bandsaw cutting with Kat the woodworking instructor coaching them!

Once the boards were cut, they were taken back to the workbench and put into the vices to be planed down to the line. When that was done the girls drew in the line where the wood will be taken down so the boards can overlap properly. Next week we will use a shoulder plane to carve out that part of the board.