Onward Winter Maintenance

Chrissy McLeanAll, Girls' Boat Project, Youth Programs

For the past two weeks, the girls have focused on maintenance of our boat, Onward. We spent time last week sanding and varnishing oars. This week, we painted the hull and thwarts.

Painting is a big job, but it goes fast with good team work. After getting on our PPE (personal protective equipment) we split into teams to vacuum the dust off the boat and the follow up with a wipe down of denatured alcohol to clean the already sanded surface. Then we learned how to carefully roll and tip, and then we split up into teams to paint the boat. Onward has three main colors, so we needed to take care not to get the wrong colors in the wrong places!

When all of our paint was applied, we headed outside for a break in the fresh air. It was a perfect afternoon to play on the beach and enjoy the winter sun. We are excited to start using Onward in the coming weeks!