Getting Hands On

Chrissy McLeanAll Blog Posts, Girls' Boat Project, Youth Programs

Today was the first day of the 2017 Girls Boat Project! It was an exciting time for all of us– making new friends, learning new skills, and moving the Girls Boat Project to its new home at the Northwest Maritime Center.

We started off with some silly games and some serious talk about safety. Then we got to get hands on in the boat shop.

Instructors Kat and Lara led an orientation to power tools. After putting on safety glasses and hearing protection, every girl got to practice using the bandsaw and the drill press; changing bits, cutting curves, adjusting guards and depths.

Then we split into two groups. Half of us began working on building tool trays, using dividers to measure out the sides and ends. It was great to have Amelia (veteran Girls Boat Project student) joining us a TA.

The other half started translating the plans for our boat (a small rowing punt) onto the work bench so we could start making the mold. It was a great first day, stay tuned to follow our progress!