Beach Time, Boat Time

Chrissy McLeanAll Blog Posts, Boatshop, Girls' Boat Project, Youth Programs

February sunshine in the northwest is a magnet like nothing else, drawing sun starved northwesterners outside like moths to a flame. This week it was so nice out that we had a hard time tearing ourselves away from the beach, but we did manage to make some good progress on a few projects.

We started our day with our usual snacks and social time. Then we went into planning our group presentation for the upcoming She Tells Sea Tales fundraiser in March. The girls facilitated a discussion to help us decide what we were going to do and next week we continue to refine our plan.

Then we headed outside to enjoy the sun while it was still on the beach and we could soak up the rays. We also enjoyed exploring the rocks and treasurers that are being exposed as we head toward the daytime low tides of spring and summer.

We ended the day with some focused time in the shop. The bench project crews continued to work on tool trays, with several girls near completion. The boat crew installed the port side chine batten and started fitting the bottom. It’s exciting to think about getting the boat on the water!