Adventures on Martha J and a Plank on the Boat

Chrissy McLeanAll, Girls' Boat Project, Youth Programs

Come see us perform our sea chantey, as well as listen to tales from women mariners at She Tells Sea Tales this Saturday March 11th 2017 at 7pm! Tickets are available at She Tells Sea Tales and the evening is a benefit for the Girls Boat Project.

With Girls Boat Project this week we grabbed life jackets, warm gear and a radio and headed out on the motorboat Martha J. Each girl got to practice driving the boat and doing maneuvers, such as turns, circles and crossing the ferry wake. 

While not driving the girls learned about the beaufort scale and enjoyed the wind and waves.

After our time on the water we headed into the shop and got our first plank on the boat! Sophia cut the rabbet that the next plank will fit into and then handed Grace and Opal fastened the plank.
At the same time Linnea, Jenna and Harper worked on finalizing their tool trays and got their half-laps and handles finished.

It was a day of adventure and accomplishment!